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Anna Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Mon May 5 18:40:07 UTC 2008

--- On Mon, 5/5/08, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

>>Having one's children taken is the worst possible thing I can imagine, >>losing contact with one's own mother is abominable, and yet nearly all >>of the victims here DID NO CRIMES!  We can justify rounding up the perps >>who actually impregnated underage girls, fine, do that full stop.  But >>how in the hell can we justify punishing the victims by taking their >>children? 
>Good point Spike. I hadn't thought of that when I posted. I thought about >how unfair it is that these teen mothers will never understand what real >love is about (as there husbands are old and chosen for them) or that >they will never have there own choices. It makes me sad.  What if one of >these girls could have been a doctor, a scientist or an artist?  Their >lives are pre-ordained by elders that have alternative motives, how can >this be good for women?  I thought the idea was to progress, how can we >progress when we still will not acknowledge that certain mentalities are >not worth keeping? What if nobody had taken action to stop slavery? The >mentality had to have affected enough people to warrant change.  

>As for taking the children away from the mother, I get your point.  So >what is the alternative?  Let the children stay in the same circumstances >and create a whole new generation of such manipulation?  I can only think >that maybe taking the mother and child away from the environment may be a >better idea.  I wonder if a year or two away from the manipulation if the >mentality would change?   

>I will not say that going in with guns a blaze and snatching the children >away was the best solution but I do not understand how some do not see >the injustice being done to these girls.  (As for the old manipulating >geezers, I hope there peckers fall off:) Sex with minors is an offence in >the United States, that alone should warrant that these men be convicted. 

>Enough from me on the subject and thanks to whoever brought the subject >up, it has given me much to think and write about.  
>Thank you Amara for the links.


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