[ExI] The Urge to get Personal

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Fri May 9 06:48:39 UTC 2008

Jef writes

>> > I hope this suffices as my response to Rafal, and (probably
>> > inadvisably) to our mischievous Lee Corbin.
>> I have no idea---and don't really want to know---why
>> some people seemingly cannot refrain from making
>> personal characterizations, or innuendo.
>> This particular one, above, may or may not be harmless,
>> who is to know?
> I'm pretty sure, Lee, that I've never harmed you, nor am I arguing ad
> hominem.

On a number of occasions you have used insulting language
demeaning me.

> My concluding paragraph was a meta-statement about the
> response I felt I owed Rafal, and an observation on my awareness of
> the humorous inadvisability of engaging with your often intelligent
> and interesting but characteristically polemical and gamesmanlike
> posting style.

Very humorous. If we didn't have a history, I might 
have been quite charmed.

> Feel free to address the substance of my post

Why, thank you!

> after you've recovered from any perceived wounds due to being
> called mischievous.

Jef, just please lay off.  Please don't go on attempting to characterize
me or my writing style. Just leave it alone.

I've asked before, and it did seem like for a few months you got
the message.  Here it is again, loud and clear.  I do not wish to
get into any kind of subtle tit-for-tat mocking exchagnes with you.
Just refrain from further characterizations of me and all will be well.


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