[ExI] geeky stuff = be human

Alan Brooks alaneugenebrooks52 at yahoo.com
Fri May 16 22:39:39 UTC 2008

I'm a newbie too, so this reply isn't meant to be harsh but please don't apologize for being self-referential or perseveratory, just try to curb your enthusiasm.  
 Were similar, this is posted to get you up to speed, to save you a little of the one *thing* you cannot get back-- time.
And excuse me for the many personal references and the longevity of this 
message. I'm most convinced you'll agree with me in many aspects. And I 
trust we are most alike, regardless of age or education. Well, if you took 
the time to tear through all this, thank you.

Thomas Pardy, M1N3R 

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