[ExI] the big question

Alan Brooks alaneugenebrooks52 at yahoo.com
Fri May 16 23:31:24 UTC 2008

The big question is how much is unspoken resentment of the status quo resentment of the cosmos itself when the cosmos is not obligated to us in any way, isn't even obliged to pay attention to us?
Celebrity culture has trickled down to the grassroots so there is an insistent message of "you must pay attention to me, I deserve it, society owes something to me ". Those such as Tim McVeigh commit a crime to say "the world must notice insignificant little me, so I blow up a building. Notoriety is my due. Gimme". Charles Manson goes to trial to mug for the camera and say "Give me your attention, It's me. You must notice poor little suffering violent little me ".. Gimme.
Even the bureaucracy of an entire nation, North Korea, says "look at us, see what we're doing, we'll build the Bomb if you don't notice us and give us aid". Give us something. Or else. Today people everywhere think they have a right to be noticed and above all often a right to do whatever they want.
Isn't this is a problem with transhumanists, they think the cosmos has to acknowledge their existences? Do they secretly think the cosmos might owe them unlimited lifespans?
Rafal, you're objective, would you respond to this?

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