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John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Sun May 18 14:43:58 UTC 2008

Keith Henson wrote:
But without the motivation to seek attention, more particularly the
desire to have status in the eyes of ones peers, society would not
exist.  (Status is more or less the integral of attention.)  I
explored this in a story some time ago in giving AIs personalities:

Look at sexual desire, it was built into us to make sure the species
perpetuated itself, but due to birth control we can now have the pleasure
without the unwanted children.  We have outsmarted nature/evolution.
Similarly, I see human beings still competing for recognition to obtain and
keep attractive (mentally, socially, physically, etc.) mates/sex partners,
even if the "big pay-off" of having offspring is no longer always in effect,
as it used to be.

What fascinates me is when everyone (of course in differerent ways based on
preferences) gets to be very physically attractive.  The "tyranny of
physical beauty" has held sway for so long that I wonder how things will
really be when the playing field is much more even.  I think when we get to
this point we will see the "finer qualities" of people such as character,
intelligence, interesting personality, etc., being much more valued.  But
I also envision social/professional status becoming even more important in a
world of nothing but "beautiful people."

What do you think?

John Grigg
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