[ExI] LA Times: 'Hope' makes a case for stem cell research

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Thu May 22 13:36:18 UTC 2008

Michael LaTorra
	Subject: Re: [ExI] LA Times: 'Hope' makes a case for stem cell
	The point is that 8 years of research did not happen at the pace it
could or should have because of the ideological blindness of President Bush
and his allies.
	Mike LaTorra

On the contrary Mike.  Bush's opposition to stem cell research funded by the
government has encouraged private research, with their unrestricted budgets,
motivated by profit, to find sources of stem cells that do not depend on
embryos.  This will save the lives of those who refuse to accept stem cell
therapy if those cells came from embryos.  If we master non-embryonic stem
cell technology, then anyone can use their own stem cells to treat
themselves, free of problems such as immune system reactions and any
possible ethical opposition.  Stems cells from one's own body make better
therapy material than stem cells from someone else's embryo.  Embryonic stem
cell research might well have been a blind alley; it looks to me as though
it is.  

But why don't we ever hear that spin?  I see comments such as "eight years
have been lost" as science that is tainted by the blind desire to blame Bush
for something.  

Perhaps eight years have been gained that would otherwise have been lost.


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