[ExI] Amara is giving birth!

David C. Harris dharris234 at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 5 13:55:44 UTC 2009

samantha wrote:
> I just saw this facebook status update from her sister Nina.
> "Nina is the aunt of a healthy baby girl today!"
> I haven't heard any other detail yet but I expect mother and daughter 
> are resting.
> - samantha
I'd been thinking a lot about Amara and "Myrtle" today.  I'd been 
struggling to reach the frontiers of  home computing with a quad 
processor 8 Gigabyte RAM computer networked to specialized lesser 
computers. The usual unexpected hurdles gave me time to wonder "gee, 
Amara must be going into labor soon.  I wonder how she's doing...".  
Today I finally got my Linux computer to give "birth" to a virtualized 
XP desktop, and I started thinking of the things that would no longer 
have to be dual booted.  One of them was Second Life.  And that lead to 
reading the transcript(s) of Amara's baby shower and experiences and 
thoughts, and the footnotes to her talk.  And that lead me to the recent 
ExI messages and the wonderful news that she has succeeded in having a 
healthy baby girl.

Congratulations, Amara!  In pursuing a deep desire you have also 
educated a lot of people, including me, and touched our hearts.  Thank  
you, for sharing you and your precious little girl.  May you both (and 
we) live long and prosper!

   -- David Harris, Palo Alto

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