[ExI] Amara is giving birth!

samantha sjatkins at mac.com
Tue Jan 6 06:06:00 UTC 2009

An update is in order.  The labor was a bit longer and harder than Amara 
had hoped for.  But she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Vija 
(vee-ya).  Attached is a low-res cellphone pic and some daat Amara took 
from the hospital.  She hopes to get around to more of an announcement 
and sharing soon.

- samantha

David C. Harris wrote:
> samantha wrote:
>> I just saw this facebook status update from her sister Nina.
>> "Nina is the aunt of a healthy baby girl today!"
>> I haven't heard any other detail yet but I expect mother and daughter 
>> are resting.
>> - samantha
> I'd been thinking a lot about Amara and "Myrtle" today.  I'd been 
> struggling to reach the frontiers of  home computing with a quad 
> processor 8 Gigabyte RAM computer networked to specialized lesser 
> computers. The usual unexpected hurdles gave me time to wonder "gee, 
> Amara must be going into labor soon.  I wonder how she's doing...".  
> Today I finally got my Linux computer to give "birth" to a virtualized 
> XP desktop, and I started thinking of the things that would no longer 
> have to be dual booted.  One of them was Second Life.  And that lead to 
> reading the transcript(s) of Amara's baby shower and experiences and 
> thoughts, and the footnotes to her talk.  And that lead me to the recent 
> ExI messages and the wonderful news that she has succeeded in having a 
> healthy baby girl.
> Congratulations, Amara!  In pursuing a deep desire you have also 
> educated a lot of people, including me, and touched our hearts.  Thank  
> you, for sharing you and your precious little girl.  May you both (and 
> we) live long and prosper!
>   -- David Harris, Palo Alto
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