[ExI] The Transhumanist Edge

hkhenson hkhenson at rogers.com
Sat Jan 17 06:26:47 UTC 2009

At 08:15 AM 1/16/2009, you wrote:


>Frank J. Tipler: But we shall all be changed: "Humanity will see,
>before I die, the "Singularity," the day when we finally create a
>human level artificial intelligence.

Silly Frank.  If we get to the singularity before he dies, there is 
no reason he should die.

Surely human level AIs will upgrade into near gods.  Such beings 
should be able to deal with minor problems like saving humans from death.


"It's good news week.
Someone's found a way to give,
The rotting dead a will to live,
Go on and never die."

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