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Damien wrote:

> You could have countered that he obviously wasn't caught up on the 
> images of different parts of the scanned brain lighting up when 
> various cognitive activities take place. Watch him boggle as he 
> tried to make sense of that. :)

Right! Yet many people seem to be allergic to the representational model of perception, despite, IMO, the necessary mechanics behind it. As 
Bertrand Russell argued, the end of all the steps of the process of 
perception must be inside the brain, so how then does an end percept 
suddenly jump outside the brain such that the computer I perceive before 
me is the real computer outside my brain? Percepts must be in the brain.

Brent's camp cites Steven Lehar's excellent work on representationalism. 
When Lehar had a paper published in a special issue of 'Behavioral & Brain 
Sciences' devoted to his paper,[*] half the issue was a parade of 
non-stop objections from experts in related fields. When I read it a few
years ago, all the expertise brought to bear against the theory pretty 
much amounted to the argument: "The world I see must be the real world outside my brain because it really really seems to be." LOL!

Yet nobody can explain how neurologically processed percepts jump out of
the brain and occupy the external world. And even that idea leads to an 
illogical loop, for then the projected percept is simply back where the
perceived entity was, 'out there', so how does the brain perceive its 
purportedly projected percept? It's nonsense! Only neurally contained
percepts are logical based on the physics of sensory acquisition. ~Ian

[*] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15067950


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