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I didn't know you were a representationalist.  This is great.  Thanks 
for piping up.

Although I very much object to your usage of the word transparent in the 
section title: 'Transparent Perceptual Process' in your great paper.  
Very misleading terminology.

The story you tell is so typical and proves how stupid the majority of 
even very intelligent people still are on this issue.  Since I've been 
going to conferences on the 'Mind' and recruiting more leading thinkers 
to contribute to this comprehensive survey on the leading theories of 
consciousness, it has completely blown me away how many alleged leading 
thinkers, people that are considered 'peers' for leading journals..., 
that aren't even aware of what a representational view of perception 
is.  At the recent decade of the Mind conference (http://dom-4.org/), so 
many people, even 'superstar' speakers that have made such significant 
contributions to the study of the brain, are so completely clueless, and 
make similarly stupid arguments to the one given by your college professor.

Please join our camp (way more powerful than signing a petition), with 
Steve Lehar (I see you quote him in your paper), John Smythies, Steve 
Harison, and  a growing number of leading thinkers, on this topic here:


and help us show that there is a growing and dominant scientific 
consensus on this issue that no other theory will be able to match, so 
we can educate the rest of the clueless world on this issue.  Just 
scroll down a bit on that page and select the 'Join or Directly Support 
this camp' link.  Help us improve it in any way you can.  Then recruit 
as many other enlightened people as you can to help educate the still 

Surely, the only reason we haven't discovered what consciousness and 
qualia are yet, is because everyone is simply just looking in the wrong 
place.  We need to make this theory stand out form all the junk theory 
noise that is out there for which there is no consensus whatsoever.  
We're betting that once we can get everyone looking in the right place, 
that THE greatest scientific discovery of all time will finally be made, 
and that will be the discovery of what and how consciousness is.  And 
once we acheive this, the world that will shortly follow will be a very 
different place, philosophically, religiously, and infinitely many other 
ways right?

I'm betting we'll soon be able to congratulate each other as being the 
first members of the camp that represents THE ONE true theory of 

Any other proven leaders out there?  Or are all of you going to join 
some other camp or just wait and join with the rest of the herd when 
they are finally forced to get a clue from the effing scientific proof?

Turring Test, indeed, still?  What clueless idiots (see camp statement 
above).  Can't wait till they see the phenomenal light.


Brent Allsop

Ian Goddard wrote:
> Brent Allsop wrote:
>> On the idea of consciousness, I'm in these camps:
>> http://canonizer.com/topic.asp/88/6
>  I've also argued the representationalist theory of perception:
> http://www.iangoddard.com/paranorm.htm
> http://www.montgomerycollege.edu/Departments/StudentJournal/volume2/Ian.pdf
> A professor once rebuked that thesis arguing that the world you perceive could not be a mere model in your brain of the world outside your brain because it's too dark to see anything inside your brain. He was serious! Gee, so then I guess dreams must occur outside your brain, since (by his reasoning) it's too dark in your brain to see dreams. ~Ian
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