[ExI] u.s. military oath

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Fri Jul 24 16:45:04 UTC 2009

spike ha scritto:

>> Any idea about what would happen if BHO aka BS is found not 
>> be fit to POTUS because he is not a true "natural born citizen"?...

> Good question Mirco.  Open to suggestion.

I support something on the line of soap & rope & trees.
For all people involved.
Are there enough trees in DC?

>> ...It appear that ID 
>> documents in the US are used only to buy alcoholics...

> And not even that if one appears sufficiently aged.  One need not even show
> ID to vote in some states, such as California.

This I believe is crazy.
Election at state and federal level treated like election for a condos
where all know each other.

> It is thought that the
> requirement would scare off some of the voters.  Ironically, many (but
> perhaps not all) of the voters scared off by that requirement are likely
> ineligible to vote.  Very strange.  What happens if an election is close,
> and is decided by a state which does not require ID?

The trust in the system plummet.

>> If I remember correctly, McCain was questioned about he being 
>> born in Panama by US citizens... Mirco

> Ja, it isn't clear to me that McCain was eligible to run,

Well, he was born from both parent being US citizens and one of them
being in the military, on duty. I think there is not a reason to prevent
him from running for POTUS.

Anyway, he presented his documents to the Congress that voted his
eligibility. Case closed.
The problem with Obama, whatever in his birth certificate, is that he
never presented anything and the Congress never voted anything.

> and 0bama never actually proved that he was either.

I think is not a good think to diminishing the trust.

> I have no idea how to undo all the
> legislation if it is found that 0bama isn't legally CinC.

Well, whatever Presidential Order he gave, give and will give would be

> It will be a
> constitutional crisis beyond anything this country has ever seen.  I
> honestly hope he can come with two things: a Hawaii birth certificate and a
> reasonable explanation for how he got into Afghanistan and back out again in
> 1981 with only a US passport.

Pakistan. Not Afghanistan.

I'm just reading the Marvel "Secret Invasion".
It is funny how the Skrulls try to invade the Earth and they war cry is
"He love you". Sound much like "Hope and Change".


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