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	Subject: Re: [ExI] dawkins again
	...You and your adolescent infatuations with Carl Sagan, Richard
Dawkins and Charles Darwin! hee...

Johnny^3 me lad, I prefer to think of them as post-adolsecent infatuations,
or perhaps very late youth infatuations, or at worst early middle aged

...I bet you have posters of them in your room...

I do confess to having a poster of a scientist in my home, but it is none of
the three you mention.  My poster is of Richard Feynman.  In that poster he
is wearing traditional garb from Tanu Tuva, and is holding an open lock in
one hand and a Feynman diagram in the other.  I bought it at the CalTech
bookstore over twenty years ago, after I went down there to meet the man who
wrote "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman."  He was already sick by that time
and wasn't in that day, so I had to settle for Murray Gell Mann, who had the
office next to Feynman's.

... (your poor wife) ...

Shelly went down there with me.  Gell Mann was far more interested in
schmoozing with her than talking physics with me.  I understand he is a bit
of a Romeo, and you know that Shelly is a most attractive woman.  We found
it most amusing.

...and moon over their pics in the scientist edition of Tiger Beat!...

There's a scientist edition of Tiger Beat?  Cool!  Where do I get a copy?
If there isn't, there should be.  



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