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..are you asking "What do we think of synthetic biology superweapons,
whether invented to kill, control or terrorise?"

If so, it's my opinion that biowarfare is unlikely to present a
serious option in the near future fir any end of a conflict.

Recall first that biowarfare is an ancient concept and tactic. It has
never been popular because of the risk of backlash. Nowadays it's even
less likely to be popular.

If you're a powerful country, you can afford a decent bioweapon but
your people will need treatment or vaccination before you use it:
nukes are cheaper.

If you're a smaller player, your people will get sicker and die more
if you employ a bioweapon. Your larger foe can afford to develop and
administer treatment.

Can a bioweapon be precisely tailored to kill only certain
ethnicities? Not without harrowing difficulty, and not effectively.

Because all races are ultimately the same barring biologically trivial
idiosyncracies, you'd need to use genetic logic to detect those

To preserve this state of exceptional, disadvantageous specificity,
you'd have to make the agent very genetically stable. Which leaves it
absolutely vulnerable to immune defence or vaccination. If you don't,
it'll revert to a more general specificity and you'll catch your own
racist plague.

My short answer: the self replicating power of synthetic biology makes
it exceptionally powerful as an industrial, remedial or novel
technology. But as a weapon, it's not practical.

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Just, since I see that nobody talks about those revolutions yet in
France, which will be the same kind as the nuclear weapon in 1944
(which would explode, or not), translating into reality Kant's
predictions about universal history, shall I... Well...sorry boring

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