[ExI] teleXLR8 - Anders Sandberg on Neuroselves and exoselves: distributed cognition inside and outside brains

Giulio Prisco giulio at gmail.com
Mon Apr 19 11:24:31 UTC 2010


Anders Sandberg has inaugurated the teleXLR8 beta program in Teleplace
on Sunday, April 18, with a great talk on Neuroselves and exoselves:
distributed cognition inside and outside brains. After the talk there
has been a lively questions and answers session.

The talk and Q/A video is available on blip.tv. Some of the
participants, including Anders himself, had intermittent Internet
connection problems. Other technical problems were solved in real
time, and the video, which has been recorded using the native
Teleplace recording feature without post-processing and editing,
includes some very useful advice on how to properly set up sound
devices and PPT presentations.

At the end of the talk Anders, following Kevin Warwick, said that the
really important cognitive enhancements will be communication
enhancements able to boost our collective intelligence, and that any
method that improves communication is going to have a tremendous
practical and ethical importance. I think this talk, enabled by modern
interactive telepresence technology, has provided a good example of
this concept.

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