[ExI] NYT: Happiness May Come With Age, Study Says

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Wed Jun 2 14:44:51 UTC 2010

> Subject: Re: [ExI] NYT: Happiness May Come With Age, Study Says
> On 6/2/10, John Grigg wrote:
> > Happiness may come with age...
> >  http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/01/health/research/01happy.html
> >
...> It sounds miserable, but apparently it is not. A large Gallup 
> poll has found that by almost any measure, people get happier 
> as they get older, and researchers are not sure why.
> ----------------
> The answer is obvious. There is less pressure when you are older.
> The things you got stressed about when you were young just 
> seem triviial and don't bother you anymore... BillK

Ja!  I hope this thread generates many comments.  

When I was a child I noticed something interesting about my grandfathers.
To have fun, my parents wanted to go to a ball game, or go downtown to some
event or other, or *do* something, or go somewhere.  My grandfather and I
could just walk down the street, or walk across the way to where a bird was
making a nest in a tree, or go over to the local park, or just mess around
the house.  We would have a great time!  He didn't need to be *doing*
something all the time.  My grandfathers knew how to enjoy just seeing, just
being, didn't need to always be going and doing.  

As I have gotten older myself, I completely get that now.  I still like to
go and do, but I get the enjoyment of just watching and being.


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