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	>>I think it's interesting the way spiders fly...
	>...As I turned my head to follow I could see hundreds, or perhaps
thousands of spider silk strands shimmering in the sky. It was weird, but

Spiders are an example of bugs with the habit of doing something in unison,
like your thousands of silk strands example.  My own is when I went on a
motorcycle ride in the Mojave Desert on a hot spring morning in 1984, soon
after having moved there.  I had never seen a tarantula, but that day I saw
one, stopped, examined it.  Then another and another, as I headed out toward
Death Valley.  Then dozens per mile, crossing the road, from east to west,
all of them walking walking walking, like something out of a horror flick.
Oy.  Good thing I like bugs, jeeeeez.  

That was the only time I ever actually saw a tarantula migration in
progress, even though I went out there on that same road dozens of times.



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