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Thank you Jef.  Yes I watched it when you posted it on facebook.  Again, my... was exactly what you would call Catholic or others would call synoguoges or place of worship.  My comment was not in referal to a suggestive church or religion it was about "churches", which I believe should be called: A place to help others at no cost.  Probably the wrong choice of words.  How about "A place to be nice?".  When I replied it was because someone mentioned, "well parents should just teach their children".  My apology if that wasn't clear.  Not all adults have been well taught, where can they go to get spiritual help? I still think churches should be a place of spiritual growth but i'm aware that it's not that easy.  Just as it isn't just that easy to ban churches and expect spiritual growth to simply appear without any form of guidance.   

I really did enjoy the video, very educational although I was very much aware of many of the points already made.  Again, maybe "churches" wasn't the right word.

I'll think about it some more, thanks


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> > The conversation went, "Well if you are going to go to
> church, you might well as be..."
> >
> > I agree.  I think churches are a really good place to
> learn moral and valued skills. Not as a mortar but a place
> that people go for guidance that doesn't cost them.  Not
> every parent has the answers even if you wish them to teach
> "morals", "values" and philosophy.  I think every parent
> wants to install basic common adversities.  Education has
> proved that the smarter (the more memory) you have does not
> produce always the exact behavior that is anticipated. Why
> shouldn't there be a place that people can go to feel loved?
>  There is a big division between the institution and the
> philosophy.  Does eveyone agree?
> Anna, I would suggest watching this video before continuing
> the discussion.
> <http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xbvr0m_shortfilms>
> - Jef
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