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ddraig wrote:
> On 3 June 2010 13:19, Anna Taylor <femmechakra at yahoo.ca 
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>      Why shouldn't there be a place that people can go to feel loved? 
> What if you are gay, or of some wildly different faith? What then? It 
> seems to me that pretty much all churches are places you can go to 
> feel loved *as long as you fit into their narrow definition of 
> allowable memesets*

Depends on the church.  As the Mormons came up recently I most 
definitely would not recommend being or attempting to become Mormon if 
you are queer in gender and/or sexuality.  I had friends in both camps 
that went through a great deal of pain and damage due to the Mormon 
stance on such things.  It was no accident that the Mormons were 
strongly involved in stopping gay marriage in California. 

That said, there are open and accepting congregations in various faith 
> If I want to feel loved, I'll go to rave. Ooooooodles of love, gushing 
> out all over everyone there.
Oh yeah.  Very powerful too.  And for that group "psychic bond" thing I  
recommend a good wiccan ritual.  Don't buy into the bizarre mysticism 
but way more of that energy than I ever felt in church. 

> I don't buy into this concept that you need to believe in some giant 
> invisible sapce-wizard to lead a moral life. I grew up reading a lot 
> of greek and roman classics from an early age. I am an extremely moral 
> and upright person. Annoyingly so, according to most of the people I 
> know. My parents are *fiercely* anti-religion and the only time I have 
> *ever* been to a church is for a wedding. Or a funeral.
> Sometimes I'll rock up to cathedral to ooh and aaah at the architecture.
> It seems to me if you can't teach your children morals and values 
> without some external (and bullshit-based) structure and support 
> group, you're failing as a parent. I'd say you should not have had 
> kids at all, but that tends to get breeders all flippy-outy and 
> punchy-punchy.

Yes.  I would go further and say that you can't really teach morals and 
values without screwing up their minds unless you teach it devoid of 
mystical nonsense.

- samantha

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