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Fri Jun 4 11:21:06 UTC 2010

On 6/4/10, Tom Nowell wrote:
>  Adrian also wrote in a different message on the same topic that if people find
> themselves without marketable skills, they will retrain themselves until they do
> have marketable skills. Again, my reality shows this requires a lot of work and
> no short-term prospects of a new job. For all you may study subjects, there's no
> qualification employers like more than recent experience in a similar role, so skills
> without work experience will put you behind people with experience in the interview
> shortlisting.

And just to cheer you up, there is a new trend emerging. When
employers advertise job offers - even for the lowest paid, boring jobs
- they are swamped with thousands of applicants. So they are now
saying that the unemployed need not apply as their applications will
be thrown out. Their reasoning is two-fold.
1) It gets rid of thousands of applications that they don't have to read.
2) They assume that when employers sacked people, they kept the best
people on. So they want to recruit some of these 'best' people.

>  Every upturn following an economic downturn since the mid 90s has had the term
> "jobless recovery" tagged to it by the media. How many "jobless recoveries" do we
> have to face before people realise we face serious structural unemployment NOW,
> let alone when voice recognition software renders 90% of call centre staff redundant?

Yup. That's the problem.

And saying, 'What! They have no bread? Let them eat cake' is not a solution.


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