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Fri Jun 4 12:07:50 UTC 2010

BillK wrote:
> On 6/4/10, Tom Nowell wrote:
>>  Adrian also wrote in a different message on the same topic that if people find
>> themselves without marketable skills, they will retrain themselves until they do
>> have marketable skills. Again, my reality shows this requires a lot of work and
>> no short-term prospects of a new job. For all you may study subjects, there's no
>> qualification employers like more than recent experience in a similar role, so skills
>> without work experience will put you behind people with experience in the interview
>> shortlisting.
> And just to cheer you up, there is a new trend emerging. When
> employers advertise job offers - even for the lowest paid, boring jobs
> - they are swamped with thousands of applicants. So they are now
> saying that the unemployed need not apply as their applications will
> be thrown out. Their reasoning is two-fold.
> 1) It gets rid of thousands of applications that they don't have to read.
> 2) They assume that when employers sacked people, they kept the best
> people on. So they want to recruit some of these 'best' people.
Hilarious. When I was at Apple it was way too hard to find even 
reasonable candidates to bother interviewing without throwing out 
applications on such bogus reasoning.  I always wondered why it was so 
hard to find good people with so many out of work. 

> Yup. That's the problem.
> And saying, 'What! They have no bread? Let them eat cake' is not a solution.
No jobs?  Invent something new or go homeless ultimately.   

- s

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