[ExI] honor among parasites

natasha at natasha.cc natasha at natasha.cc
Tue Jun 15 01:15:52 UTC 2010

Okay Fred, I simply had to go hunt for something colorful --


Quoting "Fred C. Moulton" <moulton at moulton.com>:

> On Mon, 2010-06-14 at 16:28 -0500, Damien Broderick wrote:
>> On 6/14/2010 3:26 PM, Gregory Jones wrote:
>> > As for the mosquito relying on optical recognition, ja it will be
>> > difficult indeed to disguise a tick as a mammal.
>> Couple of silicone boobs, should work like a charm.
> Based on the information online some material used in some external
> breast prosthesis is silicone however other materials are sometimes used
> and come in a variety of colors and thus are a viable option. The
> silicon breast implants that I have seen are virtually transparent with
> very little color and thus are probably not a viable option.
> Fred
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