[ExI] YES! Hard-core transhumanist splinter groups yearning for cyber-heaven

Gregory Jones spike66 at att.net
Thu Jun 17 00:41:25 UTC 2010

--- On Wed, 6/16/10, Damien Broderick <thespike at satx.rr.com> wrote:
>...Could happen that way. But I think that goes waaaaay beyond *human*ism, trans- or post-. Still, it might form part of our hopes, our meta-goals... Damien Broderick
Ja!  Our vision of the *end game* really does directly affect the way we play.  Talk to any hardline environmentalist about *long term* vision, a million years down the road.  Is her vision different than yours?  It certainly differs from mine.  In my vision, sentience will maximize itself.  The maximum sentience configuration is what I am imagining.  
Transhumanism has a lot of addition elements, such as life extension, progress, self improvement and so forth, but my main interest is in establishing our mind-children, as Moravek termed it, with every atom and every photon somehow participating in the activity of thinking and creating.

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