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2010/6/27 Will Steinberg <steinberg.will at gmail.com>

> I dare Ross to possibilify the wonders of conscious perception without
> sounding like a quack.
> Maybe it's just 22nd century science... ;)
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It's quite simple, for 'quack' is a label attached to to those that peddle
theories with no credible evidence. What Penrose has done is exactly the
kind of nonsense you likely criticise the faith based for doing; filling in
gaps in knowledge with vaguely defined supernatural agency. Having read his
work, and that of other people promoting this theory, there is a distinct
whiff of religious fervour, and an appeal to human exceptionalism.  I think
this quote from Stenger sums it up nicely...

*But, alas, quantum consciousness has about as much substance as the aether
from which it is composed *-V J Stenger


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