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Max More max at maxmore.com
Sun Jun 27 21:45:06 UTC 2010

>spike: I urge caution for those who do not know the local players 
>very well.  I have seen borderline dismissive comments come across 
>to those who have been around here a long time and have amassed a 
>truly impressive pile of credibility, for so many excellent 
>reasons.  New guys, we value your input very much.  Take your time, 
>get to know who is who, review the archives if you wish, learn which 
>posters deserve the utmost respect and why, thanks.

Damian U:
>I trust that if I have myself made any 'borderline dismissive 
>comments', I may be forgiven for it. I had been under the impression
>that this was a forum for intellectual debate, not a private 
>member's club for mutual sycophancy or hero-worship. The role of
>'newbie', sitting at the feet of his masters, doesn't sit with me 
>very well, I'm afraid.

How can you possibly think this is a reasonable characterization of 
what spike so politely asked for? Can you really not distinguish 
between respect for long-time list members who have contributed 
mightily and "mutual sycophancy or hero-worship"?

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