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The only problem with this otherwise perfectly reasonable response is that
the flaming began on the part of those diligent types of whom you speak.
I can quite see that a necessary part of our corporate future is developing
mutual respect - but let's treat that concept much as we are advised to treat
charity, eh?

On that note, if this discussion is to continue, let's take it out of the
personal realm it has so far occupied (the wellspring of the 'piffle' I mentioned)
and make it a more abstract examination of the politics of tolerance for diversity -
a conversation I would be very happy to join, and which would elevate 'piffle',
powerful or otherwise, to the status of serious intellectual concept.

Damian U.

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udend05 at aol.com wrote:

> The 'piffling issues' I referenced were the ongoing dispute
> over personality clashes and the issue of defining 'respect'
> here on this list. Surely these issues aren't going to
> impact too much on the ongoing project of getting
> transhumanism accepted into the mainstream? If they are,
> it's no wonder it's taking such a long time! I agree
> completely that from small issues spring larger ones, but
> perhaps it would be of benefit to all if we discovered small
> issues that had some relevance to what we're all doing here
> in the first place. Just my humble submission, of course.

If we can solve these issues here on this list, perhaps we can apply the methods 
used here, in the wider world to good effect.  The number of times that 
moderators have to intervene on here is remarkably low for an internet 
discussion list, I think.  Flame wars are nipped in the bud almost before they 
start, and most posters are quite diligent about avoiding ad-hominem attacks.  
This is a most civilised place, I feel.

Why is that?

Imagine if we could distill the reason why, and actually use it in talking to 
people who've never heard of (or are hostile to) transhumanism and the various 
themes we want to promote.

That could be some powerful piffle, I think.

Ben Zaiboc


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