[ExI] Towards a new transhumanist movement.

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 15:58:39 UTC 2010

2010/10/14 Alan Grimes wrote:
> Look, Aleksei, Lets start with Bostrom. As far as he is concerned, the
> debate on what we should be in the future is long since settled.
> Actually, he talks like a 12 year old who's just discovered boobies
> about the subject. The only question that he will entertain any
> discussion of is whether or not we are already essentially uploads in
> someone else's simulation.
> Furthermore, when someone as offensive as "Extropia D'Silva" starts
> talking about uploading everyone, I'm usually the *ONLY* person to call
> her on it, much less the first. Lord knows what they talk about when I'm
> not present.
> --


I think you are over-reacting here.

You have to make a distinction between what people write in articles
and papers (official views) and idle banter that takes place on

I don't believe that Bostrom or Extropia DaSilva (name corrected)
would officially state that one of their transhumanist objectives is
to upload everyone in the world regardless of their individual

Please give references to articles in support if you wish to accuse
them of this.

Now, in forum discussions, many people might say things off-the-cuff
for the sake of argument. Like 'If I was super-intelligent AI that
wanted the best for humanity then I might upload everyone into their
own virtual world that fulfilled their deepest desires'. But such
'what if?' arguments are not official beliefs. They are suggestions
put up to extend discussion and often expected to be shot down in

So, don't take discussions too seriously.  :)


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