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Fri Oct 22 02:26:43 UTC 2010

I look forward to the day when genes for psi are found, and genetic
engineers tweak the genome to the extent that we get to see
individuals with abilities straight out of paranormal novels and comic
books.  Perhaps by cooperating with super-bright AI, human researchers
will find the proof they crave, and then get to apply it.


On 10/21/10, Anna Taylor <femmechakra at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> --- On Thu, 10/21/10, Keith Henson <hkeithhenson at gmail.com> wrote:
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>> The meta question is why people are so attracted to this
>> subject.
>> The answer, of course, has roots in our evolutionary past,
>> but the connection is not clear to me.
> I agree. I strongly believe in psi(not the terms and relentless gibberish
> that most associate with the term). It seems to me that everyone to a
> certain extent has the ability to perceive psi yet it occurs unexpectedly,
> randomly and/or without awareness that it becomes close to impossible to
> research.  Most people I've discussed it with claim to have at least one psi
> phenomenon occurrence in their lifetime.  I think in the future we will
> probably see more studies leaning towards the memory of genes in association
> with psi. (I can't explain why yet but still "feel" a link with the
> association..lol) What if psi phenomenon is built in mechanically as an
> evolutionary mechanism?  I'm not really sure there will ever be proof of psi
> but I believe the subject to be an important one.  We don't fully understand
> what the mind is capable of achieving.  Imho, it is the relentless need and
> desire to go beyond the plain facts to discover something new about human
> beings
>  that makes the subject so interesting.
> Some interesting reading:
> http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/04/070418104300.htm
> http://www.i-sis.org.uk/epigeneticInheritance.php
> Have a great day!
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