[ExI] Clarification of me and uploading.

Alan Grimes agrimes at speakeasy.net
Fri Oct 22 04:24:28 UTC 2010

No, I don't think you are coming to upload me.

Instead, you are creating a philosophy and culture which places
extremely low value on the viewpoints of people who don't agree with
uploading. If this culture is allowed to persist and develop through the
singularity, it will compound the probability that greedy visual
perceptrons will focus themselves on the Earth and go ahead and upload
(or simply anihilate) everyone according to one of the many scenarios
that has been presented to me over the years.


My second issue is that other non-uploaders such as a person who
responded to my thread on another mailing list feel repulsed by being
"slammed" by the uploaders for expressing more modest transhumanistic
goals. This is extremely detremental to the growth of transhumanism.

Now I have a very specific mental defect that compels me to pursue
transhumanism no matter what. People without my specific brain damage,
will walk away. The median time for this is 2 weeks. -- A person will
appear, sound excited, and then, within two weeks, you'll never hear
from them again. What could be happening? Maybe they were just going
through a manic week? Or could it be that they get in an argument with a
gang of drooling uploaders and simply turn their backs on what could
otherwise be a very promising movement!

For transhumanism to become mainstream several things need to happen
within the movement:

1. It must be accepted that computronium is not an end in itself.

2. It must be accepted that destructive brain uploading is NOT the
*ONLY* way to expand your mind using computronium. It must also be
accepted that destructive brain uploading is close to the worst ways of
going about it.

3. Like the Yellow Brick Road in the Wizard of Oz, the road of
transhumanism has many forks. The community should stand eager to
support *ALL* remotely sane projects of self-transformation. (Instead a
litmus test is given and all non-uploaders are rejected by the
community). The only reason that we don't read about these other ideas
every day is because the people with them are effectively expelled from
the movement! (Admittedly, I could be miscategorizing some articles
which otherwise appear as regular technology journalism).

So there you have it. I'm upset because the uploaders are forcing all of
transhumanism into a very tightly constrained narrative of the future
while my own deviant ends require an entirely different narrative.

Powers are not rights.

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