[ExI] Clarification of me and uploading.

spike spike66 at att.net
Fri Oct 22 05:29:14 UTC 2010

> ...On Behalf Of Alan Grimes
> 1. It must be accepted that computronium is not an end in itself...

Clarify please.  Do you mean you can imagine an endgame for the solar system
that is something other than computronium swirling about the sun?  What are
the alternate endgames?

> 2. It must be accepted that destructive brain uploading is NOT the
> *ONLY* way to expand your mind using computronium...

OK.  But do let me focus on endgames.

> 3. Like the Yellow Brick Road in the Wizard of Oz, the road 
> of transhumanism has many forks...

OK.  But do not they all lead to the same endgame?

> So there you have it. I'm upset because the uploaders are 
> forcing all of transhumanism into a very tightly constrained 
> narrative of the future while my own deviant ends require an 
> entirely different narrative...

Do explain please?

I will eagerly give you there are many forks and many possible paths.  I
would carry it even further: we have no adequate models to predict which of
the wildly divergent paths humanity will take.  But all these divergent
paths are eventually wildly convergent: they all end up with computronium
orbiting the sun.  Ja?  Nein?  

My outloading notion doesn't describe an endgame, but rather that
computronium self-limits for some short time, perhaps a few thousand or tens
of thousands of years, keeping earth as a wildlife refuge.  Eventually, in
that scenario, everything in the solar system still ends up as computronium.



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