[ExI] Electric cars without batteries

Alan Grimes agrimes at speakeasy.net
Sat Oct 23 03:43:15 UTC 2010

Bleh, there's nothing wrong with batteries except they could always use
more capacity! =P

I've been waiting since Aug 28th for the motor for my electric car. =(
The company finally shipped me the contactor and says the motor will be
shipped soon. =\

I consider it a training car but maybe that was a mistake, maybe I
should have started out building the car I actually want... The piece of
junk I have is turning into more of a money pit than I could have
imagined. =(

Did you know you could get a 32kwh battery for about 10 grand? =P Suck
on that, Leaf! =P

Now for my next car, I want a Factory 5 Type 65 coupe in direct drive
with a Net Gain TransWarp 11HV (HV, BABY!!!). The controller will be a
Soliton 1 (or Zilla if it comes back on the market)... The Albright
SW202B will be my forward/reverse switch. My only worry is how I'm going
to get 96 lithium ion cells onto that chassis. =( The CALB 180 ampre
hour cells seem perfect for that application though. =P

But then Kurzweil's Computronium Shockwave will probably wipe it all out
before I can afford that much gear. (About $50 grand for the project
=((((( )

Powers are not rights.

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