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Yes, this is a shame.  I've got most of them saved in my personal archive.
But I bet nobody is going to ask for them all and try to search through all
the gazillions of files for any reason.  And yes, there are the occasional
new ideas as Spike pointed out.  You have the same problem with the now more
than 20K publications now in Chalmers' bibliography on this topic.  How many
people have achieved even a small survey of all that?

What you need is each of the good ideas / theories put forth by many that
are similar, grouped together, the best version concisely stated, in the
best language agreed on by most experts, continuously developed by their
proponents, and a quantitative measure of who and how many people are in
each camp.  So you can watch the state of things finally start to progress,
as science and good arguments start to falsify the bad ones, instead of
being stuck in the same old, yes it is, no it isn't repetitive mud forever.

You know, kind of like some of us are finally starting to do here:


I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks all this repetitive stuff, going
on for well more than 10 years now, just on this list, is so tiring.

Richard Loosemore said:
I believe the solution is relatively simple, though strange.  The concept of
a "you" is just not coherent in these circumstances, and in fact the problem
actually comes down to an IRRESOLVABLE duality between the two concepts of
"death plus replication" versus "going to sleep and waking up".  These two
are the same concept.  There is no difference between the two of them, and
no conceivably way to test for a difference between them.

"no conceivable way to test for a difference"?

Continuity, not going to sleep and then not waking up, forgetting and
loosing access to what things were like when I was young... all of this is
all critically important.  It's absolutely terrible that I have to
consciously cease to exist when I go to sleep, and that I don't know what my
partner experiences when I hug her....  all of it is important to identity -
the more the better.

The experts in the "Representational Qualia
Theory"<http://canonizer.com/topic.asp/88/6>camp continually extending
it's lead in the amount of scientific consensus
(i.e. Lehar, Chalmers, Hameroff, Gregg, Smythies.... ) it has compared to
all other theories, above are predicting science is about to resolve this
via 'effing' of the ineffable.  In other words, just like our right and left
hemesphere are connected together into one world of conscoius awarness,
we'll be connecting the brains of our many copies, and in a shared way know
precisely what they are like, how they are same, and how different they all
are.  And phenomenal knowledge of ourselves (what we think of as our
spirits) will easily wander between them all, and control them all, and
share them all at the same time.  All as has been described in a
fictionalized account of what is being predicted by this theory in chapters
5 and 6 of this story here:


Once (or if you must IF) we start effing the ineffable, (Obviously, this
will be the greatest scientific achievement of all time if it happens as
predicted by this growing consensus theory, and such effing will falsify all
other theories, causing everyone to finally jump to THE ONE camp) all these
issues about identity will completely vanish, and will no longer be
troubling for most anyone - once they start effing.

What a time to be alive, to witness, and possibly be a part of (who will be
the first in THE ONE camp?)  this greatest of all scientific discoveries
when everyone finally jumps to THE ONE theory of consciousness finally
proven by science.  Evidently,  we are already well on our way of achieving
this consensus - at least amongst the experts<http://canonizer.com/topic.asp/81>

Brent Allsop

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> It's a shame the original mailing list archives are not available
> since as near as I can tell there has not been a new idea on any of
> the uploading subjects written here in the last few years.
> Keith
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