[ExI] Captchas

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Sat Aug 13 10:48:17 UTC 2011

Spike wrote:

>I have made an obsessive hobby of finding errors in books.

I don't look for tyspos; they scream at me for attention. I've spotted
the typo in 6 pt grey text on grey paper in the mass of car rental
contract, as if it was <blink><strong>-ing at me.

Not sure if it's genetic or conditioning, since my engineer/writer
dad and my physicist/writer mother had it, and now my daughter

Damien B:

>Looks like the old fanzine gag "poorfreading" to me...

I've always seen it spelled porfratting, but yours might be Aussie.
The letters slid over on the boat.

John Clark:

>I'll be damned if I can see the difference between these two words 
>that you think is so VERY important.

Then I guess I won't be hiring you. Also for SHOUTING and for
misquoting me (I said "very different," not "very important," which
has a very different meaning).

>But they must be there, Hofstadter said he refused to change one 
>word for later editions of that great book, the publisher found some 
>typos but Hofstadter wouldn't let them change even that for the new 
>editions, he wanted the typos to remain and so they did.

I always liked Don Knuth's offer of $2.56 for each person who
was first person to report a typo in one of his books.

-- David.

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