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2011/8/13 spike wrote:
>> Years went by.  A fun local TV show called Mythbusters actually tested 
> the notion with a urinating dummy.  They confirmed that indeed, any 
> urine or water stream consists of individual droplets and is not 
> particularly conductive to electricity.  Buster the anthropomorphic 
> dummy could safely urinate on the third rail all he wanted.

>...Please don't try this at home!

>...There have been several cases reported in newspapers of electrocution
deaths with burn marks to prove the cause.

At the risk of overposting today: OY VEY!  Thanks for the warning BillK.

>...One critic of Mythbusters wrote Subway systems use direct current. When
Jamie and Adam tested this myth, they used a generator which produced
alternating current...

Eeesh.  It brings up one of those nightmare scenarios where some silly prole
saw the show and confidently declared "Hey y'all, watch this shit!" which
became his last words.  Then Adam and Jamie would be indirectly responsible
for his death.  They definitely need to retest that myth.  I do recall the
photos of the Beer Hand Lukes and thought it remarkable that the stream,
which I had always assumed was a continuous stream, were discrete spherical
droplets within a few inches of the release point.  On the other hand,
direct current can arc, as we see in a welder.  The myth busters should have
used a welder.

>...Voltage probably matters as well.

Voltage is pretty much the only thing that does matter in this case,
assuming sufficient current is available.

>...At least one death has been reported from peeing on an unnoticed power
line that had been brought down in a storm. Power lines can carry huge
voltages.  BillK

Ja, but power lines carry only AC, so I assume the Myth Buster's experiment
is applicable.  Another possible issue is whether Buster's artificial
genitalia sufficiently simulates the bio variety.  I can't think of any
reason necessarily, but it is possible that any artificial nozzle we can
create would somehow cause larger and fewer droplets, this being less
conductive than smaller and more numerous, thus giving hapless proles
unfounded confidence.

I propose creating an artificial urinating device, photograph it in the
night, and compare to evolution's version of the same device.


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