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Wed Aug 17 17:19:40 UTC 2011

Somewhat incoherent.  For example, the paragraph that starts with
"Zero State will exist on two levels" only goes on to describe one.
You need to, in that paragraph or at the start (not later on) in the
very next one, start a sentence with "The second level is" or words
to that effect.  (And no, the words you have used in those locations
do not have that effect.)

Also, if you're seriously proposing an autonomous government that
does not start with securing your own land that no other sovereign
nation claims, you have no chance.  True autonomy starts with
physical - including geographic - autonomy.  Always has, and the
Singularity doesn't look like it will change this.  (Even in a purely
virtual environment, you're not truly autonomous if some other
group owns - and can, if you displease them, shut down - the
physical hardware you run on.)

If, on the other hand, you're proposing a political party that can
take over a nation (presumably the USA - but you should state
this explicitly, especially if you want sister political parties in
other nations), that at least has a chance of working, though you
need to explore further the other political parties that are out
there now: which ones can you co-opt?  (Trying to go it your own
is a much larger challenge than you envision.  Start by googling
"ballot access laws", to find the level of public support you'll need
before you can even get on the ballot - and yes, this does mean
you'll need means of generating that support before you can run
any candidate.  If that seems like a nearly impossible challenge
to you, it is - but only "nearly".  It's doable with a lot more work
than you've displayed willingness to consider in this post.)

2011/8/17 Amon Zero <amon at doctrinezero.com>:
> I've just posted something new on my blog which might be of interest to
> folks here:
> http://transhumanpraxis.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/the-new-century/
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> Amon
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