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>.Spike, have you seen his "Bullshit" television program?





No.  I have insufficient patience for television now.  Not enough controls
on it.  All  TV shows need a scroll bar along the bottom for instance, to
make them analogous to YouTubes.  Since television generally doesn't have
that, I discontinued my cable service about three years ago.  My TV is now a
DVD player only.

Recently when visiting Shelly's parents, Isaac was puzzling over their
television, which he had never really seen.  He figured out the remote can
change the channel, but soon realized that there are only about 50 channels,
none of which carried anything that particularly interested him, nor that he
could control directly.  He lost interest after a few minutes and went back
to his internet enabled computer.  After that one session, he treated the TV
about like I treated my grandparents' radio in 1965:  "What?  No picture?
That sucks!"  Isaac's generation will mostly grow up completely unaware of
television.  It's dead, Jim.


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