[ExI] ai class at stanford

spike spike66 at att.net
Mon Aug 22 05:27:49 UTC 2011

>... On Behalf Of spike

>...What I suggest is that we keep all that discussion on this list but be
mindful of subject line discipline and have somewhere in the subject line
Stanford AI.
Then those not interested in the topic can set their email filters to drop
those messages into the bit bucket, but the content will go into the
ExI-archives.  Sound like a plan?  spike

Regarding over-posting guidelines, I would propose that any messages about
the Stanford AI class be temproarily immune from the ordinary 5 posts a day
guidelines for over-posting for the duration of the class, 10 October thru
the middle of December 2011.  Recall we had a temporary open season on a
cryonics topic a few months ago which I thought would be of general interest
to the Extro-chat crowd.  That worked great, we had good subject line
discipline, everyone stayed on topic for the one open season topic, and I
received not one single complaint the whole time, both times we did it.  So
if no one objects or counter-suggests, I would propose if anyone posts
several messages about the Stanford AI class or homework or anything
directly related to that, and the subject line has something in it which
includes "Stanford ai" to allow the others to filter it, then those messages
do not count against the normal five a day guideline.  If ExI-chat gets too
busy and people complain, we can rethink it, and perhaps start a separate
subgroup.  Otherwise temporary open season on Stanford AI?

Would that work for non-AI-ers here?  Counter suggestions?


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