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Mon Aug 22 04:52:34 UTC 2011

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Subject: Re: [ExI] ai class at stanford

>...I'm signed up, an extro study group for this would be *awesome*...

Thanks Emlyn, I was hoping someone would say something like that.  You
summed it up nicely.

>...btw, have a look at Google+ as an adjunct to this; the Hangouts feature
would be brilliant. Hangouts is where you can have up to 10 people in a
group video chat at once, really easy to kick off. That'd be amazing for a
study group... Emlyn

Hmm, I am open to suggestion on that kind of format, but until someone gets
that going, do let us discuss the heck out of this topic here in this format
in this forum.  It fits nicely with the vision of the Extropian Principles:


This evening I called an old friend and former college roommate about this
class and now he signed on and is all fired upwardly.  He is the one I used
to debate on what computers can eventually be made to do.  He grew up to be
an actual programmer, does avionics and makes buttloads of money.  He and I
still talk about topics we were on so tragically many years ago,
proto-extropian topics, things we talked about in college, just before the
Let there be light business.

Emlyn, or others, do suggest ways to do the Stanford AI discussion.  Do we
need to have a separate group or will the rest of you bear with us?  What I
suggest is that we keep all that discussion on this list but be mindful of
subject line discipline and have somewhere in the subject line Stanford AI.
Then those not interested in the topic can set their email filters to drop
those messages into the bit bucket, but the content will go into the
ExI-archives.  Sound like a plan?

I am looking forward to the class starting and the discussion here.  Perhaps
we can even discuss homework here?  Any objections from non-AI fans,
assuming we maintain subject line discipline?  Counter suggestions?


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