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>>.This is a smart enough group, I want to see some in-depth discussions,
and perhaps some criticism of the concepts.  I am hoping this class is the
catalyst to get some fizz going on ExI-chat. spike


>.Criticism of the concepts and especially techniques of narrow AI (which is
what this is) before you have learned them does not seem worthwhile.  If
they are covering as much as stated many of us will be scrambling to upgrade
rusty skill sets.  - Samantha


Ja, that is a lot of how I am hoping to use this class.  In general it feels
to me like the very broad field of AI is deeply divided into fractions that
do not talk to each other.  Even if you focus down on AGI, it immediately
divides itself into the singularity crowd, the game learning crowd, the
neural net old timers, friendly AI sorts such as Eliezer, and plenty of
others.  If you have ever been to Eliezer's events, you find plenty of
people with very similar interests who do not share views on basics and
don't seem to creating much synergy.




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