[ExI] Discontent with the path physics is taking

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Scerir wrote:
"Of course the de Broglie - Bohm theory seems to
assert the existence of "empty" waves."
I have an alternative view of the "empty" waves of
de Broglie - Bohm theory.  In my theory they are
not waves but the accumulated interactions of
Gregory S. Duane's "Hyperchaotic Synchronization".
As a particle travels it imprints its own synchronization
on other bodies then interacts with the results of that
synchronization as it continues to travel.  This gives
the appearance of a "guiding wave" but in fact it is only
the particle interacting with an environment it has helped
to create.  This was a primary assumption of my model
a little over 10 years before Duane documented the
substance of how that would work for entanglement.
Duane, G.S., 2001: Violation of Bell’s inequality in synchronized hyperchaos, Found. Phys. Lett., 14, 341-353.
Duane, G.S., 2005: Quantum nonlocality from synchronized chaos, Int. J. Theor.
Phys.,  44, 1917-1932.

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Dennis May:

Beginning in 1991 and continuing to this day I have noticed
that de Broglie-Bohm mechanics and related theories seem
to generate more interest in Hispanic countries than most
other countries.  [...]

# It is true. And I'd say that also in Italy there are wellknown
followers of Bohmian mechanics. Here is a paper trying to
explain something ...


Of course the de Broglie - Bohm theory seems to
assert the existence of "empty" waves. There are
experiments which seem to show that such waves
do not exist.

Check 'empty waves' in these interesting books:
-The Wave-Particle Duality, editor Franco Selleri,
Plenum, London/NewYork, (1992).
-The Wave-Particle Dualism, eds. S. Diner, D. Fargue,
G. Lochak, F. Selleri, Reidel, Dordrecht (1984).

As for the experiments ....

L. J. Wang, X. Y. Zou, and L. Mandel, Phys. Rev. Lett. 66, 1111 - 1114 (1991),

X. Y. Zou, T. Grayson, L. J. Wang, and L. Mandel, Phys. Rev. Lett. 68, 3667 - 3669 (1992).

and also ....

J.R. Croca, A. Garuccio, M. Ferrero-Melgar, G.L. Lepore; An Experiment to
test the Reality of de Broglie Waves; Found of Phys. Lett. 10, 441-447,

A. Garuccio De Broglie's Waves in Space and Time;  invited lecture in
"Waves and Particles in Space and Time", ed. Garuccio and van der Merwe,
Plenum, p. 37(1994)

J.R. Croca, A. Garuccio, R. Moreira, V.L. Lepore;  Commments on
"Experimental Test of de Broglie Guided-Wave Theory for Photons"; Phys. Rev
Lett., 68, 3813 (1992)

J.R.Croca, A. Garuccio, V.L.Lepore, R.N.Moreira; Quantum-Optical Predictions
for an Experiment on the de Broglie Waves Detection; Foundations of Physics
Letters  3 , 557-564 (1990)

J. Croca A. Garuccio, F. Selleri; On a possile Way to detect de Broglie's
Wave; Found. Phys. Lett., 1, 101 (1988)

A. Garuccio, V.A. Rapisarda, J.P. Vigier; New Experimental Set-up for the
Detection of de Broglie Waves ; Physics Letters 90A, 17 (1982).

A. Garuccio, K.A. Popper, J.P. Vigier;  Possible Direct Physical Detection
of de Broglie's Waves; Physics Letters  86A , 397 (1981)
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