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>>...Nevermind that about 0.1% of total population are even interested in
checking out the goods.  --  Eugen* Leitl 

>...Sure that is one way to look at it, but do keep in mind that 0.1% of the
total population is over 6 million humans.  Six million human minds form an
awesome force, a stunning brain wave with unpredictable consequences.  spike

We could form an enormous rock band, call it Six Million Hipsters.

What the small community of hipsters and transhumanists must do is recognize
what we can do and what we cannot do.  We cannot outvote the masses.  We
have very little political power, and we are unlikely to ever have much.  So
it seems perfectly natural that we should try at every opportunity to
minimize the importance of political power in general.  For instance, if
legislation were introduced saying: the pension system did not take into
account life extension technologies when they were set up, therefore anyone
who is using life extension technologies are ineligible for pensions past
the age of 80.  A Pension Czar will be assigned to determine what
technologies will be identified as life extenders, sorry no appeals.

We Six Million Hipsters can invent things and guide society in some ways,
but it can outvote us easily.  So libertarianism seems to be a good fit for
that community, in its desire to control the power of governments over us.


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