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Assistant deputy moderator's note:  Anyone here who manages to get a book
published, on dead trees or any electronic medium, is welcome to post about
it here.  That isn't considered advertising or spam, that is a special
circumstance in which every person here will likely take pride for having
one of our own manage to achieve.  Writers, anything you say about your own
work is never considered inappropriate self-promotion, quite to the
contrary.  As is written in Hezekiah chapter 4, "If that man hath a horn,
and he bloweth not his own horn, wherewithal shall it be blown?  spike



Our own Damien Broderick, who we count as one of us with great pride, has
posted privately:




Hope it's okay to do a bit of shameless self-promotion:


The near-future science fiction novel POST MORTAL SYNDROME, by me and my
wife Barbara Lamar, is now available in trade paperback print:




An earlier version was serialized on the website of the Aussie popular
science magazine COSMOS, and got some 100,000 hits.


We tried to do the impossible thing for a thriller aimed at the mass

market: depict scientific developments and paradigm change in a

*positive* light, and the enemies of life extension and human enhancement as
the deathists they are.


(Incidentally, the book is dedicated to Aubrey de Grey.)


Have fun!


Damien Broderick




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