[ExI] destructive uploading was AI class

Alan Grimes agrimes at speakeasy.net
Tue Aug 30 16:31:38 UTC 2011

Eugen Leitl wrote:
>> On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 11:45 PM,  Adrian Tymes<atymes at gmail.com>  wrote:

>>>   If the uploading process is destructive and one-way,

>> Can you think of any reason uploading would need to be destructive and one-way?

> Anyone reading this will only be uploaded as a nice chunk of
> vitrified tissue which will be presectioned and destructively
> scanned in a massively parallel fashion, abstracting nonrelevant
> data along the way.

So you completely discount any possibility of further conceptual 
advancement in "uploading"?

What about people who have alternate ideas but lack the eloquence and 
stature to advance them separately, they don't get a choice either?

In the past, 1% of species survived because there was sufficient 
variation that some of them got it "right". How can you argue that even 
1% of uploads will survive if there is no variation at all?

> It is destructive, but not necessarily
> one-way, though it is effectively one-way as nobody will bother
> fabricating slow and expensive meat puppets.

Sez who?

>> I have reasons to think it would be a lot harder than infiltrating the
>> brain with nanotech monitoring posts and learning how to emulate it.

> It would be a lot harder since there isn't any medical nantechnology,
> nor will there be any for anyone reading this message right now.

I can reasonably expect to live another 30-40 years, are you really 
saying that progress will be that slow?


Powers are not rights.

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