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2011/3/2 FRANK MCELLIGOTT <FRANKMAC at ripco.com>

>  The last line in this page is most important.
> "We can live for 1,000 years."
> Maybe Biotech in the way to the future instead of hardware and AI
> http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/begin/traits/telomeres/
Cawthon says that if all processes of aging could be eliminated and
oxidative stress damage could be repaired, "one estimate is people could
live 1,000 years."

Not quite the same as what you wrote.  Not only would that require we
eliminate/control all the processes of aging, but that first we become aware
of what they are.
And why only 1,000yrs?  If we were to control the 'wear and tear' so to
speak occurring in our bodies, why would we be limited to 1,000yrs?   Cells
would continue to duplicate successfully for longer than 1,000yrs one would
think, if we're truly managing the telomeres/oxidant issues (and those that
we become aware of in the future, which contribute to this disease we call
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