[ExI] move bits not butts: google maps street view in europe and other places

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Mar 2 22:27:52 UTC 2011

... On Behalf Of BillK
>>I wanted to virtually visit the family homeland in Germany...  google maps
street view?  spike

>What particular German town where you looking for?


Deezbull.  I went around to some other places and found good street views
however.  I think Deezbull might be too far out in the sticks, so they
haven't gotten around to streetviewing it yet.  Perhaps the ancestors
commented "Oy vey, die Getreide verwelken. Brüder, ließen uns gehen nach
Amerika und kämpfen General Washington, dann haften um dort danach!!"

Some of us may occasionally want to visit the neighborhoods of our
tragically-squandered childhoods.  In my case at least one of those has now
become dangerous.  Google maps street view lets me virtually visit free,
conserving natural resources, and allows me to sidestep risk from the


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