[ExI] move bits not butts: google maps street view in europe and other places

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Wed Mar 2 23:04:54 UTC 2011

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>What particular German town where you looking for?...BillK


Rather, perhaps the ancestors complained:

Oy vey, dieser Platz ist bis jetzt heraus im Wald, sie nicht sogar stört
Google-Straßenbetrachtung es zweihundert dreißig Jahre ab jetzt! Let' s
gehen, wohin die Tätigkeit ist, und Kampf General Washington!

We try to keep that part quiet, about our ancestors fighting General
Washington.  From how I heard the story (accuracy unknown) four German
Jewish brothers, possibly from Deezbull, ended up in a mercenary army
working for the British.  They didn't really even get into it with the
Americans, but rather were captured almost immediately.  Washington didn't
have the facilities to hold prisoners, and the Brits weren't going to
bargain for a bunch of mercenaries.  Being hired muskets, they had no
particular quarrel with the Americans anyway.  As I understand it, they made
a deal with Washington to go away and not fight at all.  They ended up going
west, close to where the three states of Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky
meet.  According to one family story, they maintained a small lonely Jewish
community near Riverton Kentucky until it was more or less assimilated into
American culture around 1900 or so.


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