[ExI] Serfdom and libertarian critiques (Was: Call to Libertarians)

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A device to pay tolls can be anonimized. It does not need to be a tool of big brother or even big private corporation. There are several wallet systems that lready exist that are anonymous.


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BillK wrote:

> So you have to track every member of society to see what chargeable

> services they are using and send them a monthly bill. Is that really

> the Libertarian society you want?

That's a nice argument!  ;-)

One of the natural end points of libertarian thinking is that everyone 

has to be monitored, to track the costs they are incurring, so they can 

be charged.

But of course, the government should not do the monitoring, and instead 

each person must carry around some kind of device to count the people 

who need to be made to pay....

So all these motorists in London each have to carry some kind of device 

in their car so that when a pedestian tries to use the road and slow 

them down, the motorist can somehow get money out of them:  "You want to 

cross in front of my car? There's a toll!".

So what is the device that will let them do this?  Ah, yes, a gun.

Richard Loosemore


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