[ExI] Serfdom and libertarian critiques (Was: Call to Libertarians)

Richard Loosemore rpwl at lightlink.com
Sat Mar 5 01:51:53 UTC 2011

kellycoinguy at gmail.com wrote:
> A device to pay tolls can be anonimized. It does not need to be a tool 
> of big brother or even big private corporation. There are several wallet 
> systems that lready exist that are anonymous.

You missed the point.  I am not talking about the paying of tolls, I am 
talking about who LEVIES the tolls.

You want the government to arrange a toll system for pedestrians, so 
they are penalized for the cost they impose on the drivers.

BillK's point was that the logical extension of your position required 
pedestrian tolls, and I presume you do not want the government watching 
everything you do in order to supervise the poll system.  And in that 
case, there needs to be a private toll levying system.

Richard Loosemore

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