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Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
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Il 10/03/2011 8.02, Emlyn ha scritto:
> It strikes me that there are many circumstances (eg: geographic or 
> cultural communities) where the ability to form a special purpose 
> currency would be really useful. Maybe when culturally cohesive
> groups are too big for gift economies, and scarce resources are in
> play, and there is some reason that government money isn't a good
> choice? The disincentive though is that it can be difficult to
> interact with other currencies (eg: regular money!).
> So, a couple of things:
> 1 - Where is the theory on this stuff; where should I begin to look?
> I am guessing there's some useful libertarian writing on this, for 
> example.

I suggest the Mises Institute.
It is online and have many books available to be downloaded free.
I would you start reading the first chapters of "Man, Economy and State
with Power an Market" of Rothbard.
There is explained how a currency is adopted freely from people and it
is an emergent feature of any and all minimally complex economies. Also
the the rest of the book is very enlightening about economics.

Understanding what really is a currency help further analysis in the field.

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