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On Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 4:58 PM, J. Stanton <js_exi at gnolls.org> wrote:

> Since Max has broached the subject again, I feel it's OK to note my
> detailed, comprehensive, and entertaining "paleo diet/exercise for
> beginners" guide:
It's always okay. Health and life extension are always germane for this
email list!

Thanks for the additional resources and links.

One issue I'd like to hear your view on (if you haven't expressed it in the
links I'll be working through...) is how protein is optimal. Gedgaudas
suggesting limiting protein to what seem to me low levels (the RDA of 46 to
53g, no more than 60 to 70g for large, highly physically active people). If
one is eating almost no carbs and only a small amount of protein, that means
the great majority of calories will come from fat. I'm not sure how you
would eat that much fat without also eating more protein. I'm not going to
eat lots of spoonsful of coconut oil...

> -Dr. Mary Enig's "Know Your Fats", if you're still scared of saturated
> fat or want to know the biochemistry
Is that to be preferred to her more recent book, Eat Fat, Lose Fat?

> I will also note that I disagree with what Max appears to be saying
> about not eating starchy tubers:

Actually I was relating what Cordain says in his paleo principles, not
necessarily agreeing with them.

> Essentially I view Devany and Cordain as the "first wave" of paleo: they
> focus more on re-enactment than on the science,

I think that's being too tough on Cordain. He clearly does rely on the
science, but also clearly misses out on some of it. As you say, he's revised
his views on a couple of things, including his former advocacy of flaxseed


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